You invest time, money, and effort in selecting the perfect tiles, then in installing it; you will surely want it to look trendy for at least a few years.

The tiles options in this article are timeless and not just trendy, so you can use these with confidence to give an evergreen look to your home.

Timeless tiles options

1. Subway tiles

A subway tile is an excellent choice for your home, especially for the kitchen and bathroom. You can select from the wide variety and give either an old-style subway look, a modern, classy feel or an exclusively customized design. You will not find any similarity between subway tiles and standard tiles as they look very much like limestones, and are available in various designs, and with 3-D digital printing technology that creates a stone-like effect.

Another best part of this type of tile is that its simple design syncs with every kind of house.

2. Brick slip

Brick slip tiles save a lot of space and best for giving a complete makeover to your home. These traditional looking brick tiles, when applied to the exterior wall, make sure that they do not interfere with the standard specifications of windows and doors. Thus, you can save a lot on adjustment costs. And if you use them for the interior walls, you can enjoy a lot of space benefit.

These thin, smooth tiles come in all the natural colors of bricks. You can conveniently use them for your home without any fear of getting outdated.

3. Ceramic Tiles

Could you ever imagine that age-old porcelain and ceramic tile and ceramic tiles will be one of the trendiest tiles in 2019?

Ceramic tiles are water resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Stains are never a challenge, and they are ideal for rooms with heavy traffic and with kids and pets.

Using contemporary manufacturing techniques, ceramic producers are used to making materials that you can get in many prints. You can also get customized prints and prints that will look like hardwoods or natural stones. You can purchase the tiles in different shapes like triangles, rectangles, and planks.

4. Glass Tiles

For some time now, glass tiles are becoming more popular than ceramic tiles. Small homes reap the maximum benefit of its characters – reflection! Glass tile has a tendency to catch and reflect light in luminous fashion and brightens up the dark and gloomy areas of the room. You can also use these beneath the overhanging wall cabinets, and enjoy a more illuminated space.

Glass is also super easy to clean, and it is sure to be in the trend until the next 20 years at least. You can select from an extensive range of colors and shapes.

5. Victorian tiles

These tiles which were widely used in the 12th century in worship places only has slowly gained popularity. And since the 19th century, it has become one of the preferred choices not only in religious buildings but also in private homes, and office buildings.

The Victorian tiles in London are sturdy and are best for the living rooms, corridors, passages, or any other area of heavy footfall. Due to the rigorous manufacturing process, they do not fade or chip easily.

You can also select from the plethora of options available in different colors, patterns, and designs. Use them wherever you want and be assured that the tile which has been in existence since 800+ years will continue to be in trend for coming 100 years.

6. Natural stone tiles

When you need to choose tiles for your garden paths, swimming pool areas, outdoor kitchens, walkways, or any other type of outdoor flooring. They have been popular as they are vigorous, concrete, long-lasting, and disinfected, which suits the modern lifestyle.

Its natural texture has been in use since long, and it adds grace to your entire property as it vibrates a trendy and elegant look.