Whether you’re a private owner trying to advertise your sale property, or a real estate agent or business looking to establish a brand presence and build a client base, real estate signs planted in the front yard can be invaluable for increasing visibility, and your chances for a quick sale. Commercial and residential real estate markets can be extremely competitive, in small towns as well as major metro areas, so making full use of available template-based or custom signage on-site can be critical to attracting potential buyers.

For Sale By Owner

If you would like to sell your home or property without the assistance of a real estate agent and are looking to keep costs down, putting up an inexpensive, well-placed For Sale by Owner sign lets potential buyers know that the property is available. Template-based signs for just this purpose can be ordered online, with various customizable options to suit your specific needs. Typically these signs will be composed of metal or a durable corrugated plastic, and can be staked or posted directly into the ground. If you belong to a homeowner’s association, you should be sure to check for any restrictions or regulations before putting up any kind of sign or display on your property. Some HOA groups completely disallow such signs, while others may have guidelines restricting the placement or size of allowed signs.

For Sale Signs For Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agents employ a variety of types of signs to attract interested buyers and to provide important contact and property sale information.

The Main Panel Of A Real Estate Lawn Sign Typically Contains The Most Basic Contact Information Regarding The Property:

–  Brokerage name and address

–  Agency contact number

–  Company logo and website

Real estate signs will often also make use of extra sections above and blow the primary panel, in order to append additional details about the property or agency contact, or indicate changes in property availability.

Some Of The Useful Extra Information That Can Be Put In Additional Spaces Include:

–  Web site for virtual tours

–  Property price

–  Agency slogans

–  Agent or co-agent name/number

–  Home features/number of bedrooms, bathrooms

Tips For Sign Placement

Always make sure that “For Sale” signs are easily visible from the road. If you are working with a real estate group, typically agents are responsible for placing signs. If you aren’t happy with an agent’s placement, you can certainly request a move order, but you should contact them before removing or repositioning any signage. Sometimes a sign may be inadvertently blocked from view by parked cars, telephone poles, or trees, so be sure to check your sign’s visibility from the street. If your home is on a secluded or out-of-the-way location where traffic is limited, you or an agent might consider finding a neighbor on a busier street who will allow you to place a directional sign in their yard, guiding interested parties to the sale property. Whether you let a real estate representative handle the sale of your home or you hope to be able to attract a buyer on your own, remember that a well placed, professional looking, and informational For Sale sign is key to keeping your property visibly on the market.