When you find a good deal on a house, you know it. But so does every other smart real estate investor and homebuyer. If you don’t have the paperwork in hand to move forward on a property now, someone else will.Whether you plan to buy and hold a property or buy and flip to another investor, your ability to move quickly on a deal defines your success.Not every seller requires proof of funds to qualify a buyer’s purchase offer. Highly tivated or distressed sellers will gladly agree to your purchase offers without asking for proof of your resources, (allowing you time to find financing or to flip the contract to another buyer-investor at a profit).

Sellers of all types, however, take you more seriously when you produce proof of funds for your purchase offer. If a bank is involved, you must show evidence of money, cash, credit or assets to back up your purchase contract.Think of a proof of funds letter or document like a ticket to making a real estate transaction happen. It’s possible you might not use the same financing, which you specify in your proof of funds document, but it guarantees your credibility.

Produce a Proof of Funds Letter
The proof of funds letter or document you provide a seller is a general backup for your proposed financing. It should not overexpose your net worth or show your bank account numbers. Your letter or document of proof can range from a mortgage pre approval to a memo from your attorney stating your assets or a copy of your money market account to a printout of bank statements.

Proof of Funds Letter with No Cash or Credit
Even if you have no cash or credit, but you want to buy and flip a property, you can obtain a proof of funds letter and be in business within hours. Transactional funding programs all over the Internet and the world offer short-term financing and professional endorsements for your funding. Find reputable funding professionals and you can enjoy win-win profits.

Transactional funding professionals will not check your credit or verify income. They, like you, are all about making the real estate deal happen.Be Prepared to Make Deals Happen When you have basic paperwork for funding lined up, you can focus on making more offers, lining up buyers—and proving your profits.


Providing proof of funds lets the seller know you are serious and gives you leverage to move forward on a deal quickly.Your ability to move fast on a bargain purchase defines your success.A proof of funds letter or document should not reveal your entire net worth or your private bank account numbers.Find a quality transactional funding program locally or on the Internet to fund your flip deal—even if you have no cash or credit.A distressed seller will not usually need proof of your financing, but any deal with a bank involved will.

If you have an opportunity to buy low-sell low now, you can obtain short term financing and a proof of funds letter from a transactional funding program within hours.