Window cleaning is something that is done once in several months. Though dusting windows should be a part of your regular cleaning, washing doesn’t need to be done too frequently. The job becomes easy if you have removable window panels.

List of cleaning supplies

Window cleaning is a wearisome task. But finding the right professional window cleaning accessories can make anyone even more wearier. So here are some must have items for the cleaning procedure.

  • Soft bristled brush:  A brush with hard bristles might leave scratches on the window pain. So the use of a soft bristled brush is always recommended. Before buying a soft bristled brush examine it and analyse if you will be able to perform cleaning with it comfortably.
  • Squeegee:  A high quality is a must have tool for cleaning. Squeegees with metal frames last longer in comparison to the one’s with a plastic frame. Select the length of the squeegee in accordance to the length of your window frame.

One can also have a squeegee with a cloth head instead of a rubber one

It is called a strip applicator.

  • Cleaning powder:  The cleaning powder should have oxalic acid. This will be used for tough stains which cannot be completely removed by the cleaning liquid. The cleaning powder is appropriate specially for mineral stains. Preferably buy a powder which goes hard for stains but soft for your skin.
  • Handy bucket:  Buckets are available in different sizes but having a handy bucket has its own advantages. You can carry it from one place to another during washing and cleaning. A small bucket can also be carried up a ladder with ease.
  • Mop or washer: You can use your floor mop for washing windows. Mops save your energy. They cover a larger area in one go. If it gets dirty, you can easily detach it from the bar and clean it in the bucket. There are many automatic cleaning mops available online at affordable prices. The mop head is available in different shapes and sizes. You can fix the handle or use the swivel mode. The swivel form is more flexible and can easily enter all the corners. A combination of Kentucky mop bucket and wringer will prove to be the right combination for cleaning.
  • Cleaning liquid: You can enhance the end result of your cleaning by adding corn starch to your cleaning liquid. Corn starch works well on glass and removes any hidden dirt. Mix two tablespoons of corn starch to your regular cleaning liquid and see the magic.

Another substitute is white vinegar. Say goodbye to your regular cleaner and mix white vinegar with water. This home remedy will leave your windows sparkling like never before.

  • Rags or microfiber clothes: There can be no better option than a microfiber lfor cleaning. The advantage of using them is that they are absorbing, washable and leave the glass shiny and stain free. You can also use rags but make sure they are lint free. The shredded lint sticks to the glass and hinder its cleaning. Use them when all the washing and cleaning is done.  Use them to dry the window panes.
  • Rubber gloves: While cleaning your hands and continuously exposed to water and both hard as well as soft chemicals. The cleaning liquid or powder in itself has chemical constituents that can harm your skin. So wear rubber gloves to prevent your hands from any harm. It is also suggested to wear clothes that fully cover your body during cleaning. They will protect you against both chemicals and dust.

You can also wear masks to avoid allergies from dust. Masks also prevent you from inhaling chemicals.

  • Vacuum cleaner: A vacuum cleaner will save you a lot of energy and time. You can remove the dust by vacuuming. This especially helps the window frames where dirt tends to get trapped easily.