If you need to sell a house quickly then you need to really understand its value.  Most homeowners go down the traditional route of asking an estate agent to value their property and then list it for sale with them at that price. In reality however, the value of your home needs to be considered in broader terms and its sale price established in accordance with your financial circumstances, the budget of a buyer, and the cost of other homes in your area. Before you sign up to sell your house with an estate agent, take a little time to consider the following:

Your Finances:

If you need to sell your house fast to clear debt, you need to take into account how much you owe now, plus the additional costs of selling your property. Investigate carefully any fees associated with selling your home, both with your mortgage holder and any agencies that work to sell it for you, and then calculate what your total debts will add up to in six to twelve months’ time. Be realistic about your financial situation and how long you can manage it before your home is at risk of repossession. If you need help to work out your finances, seeking professional advice is always worthwhile.

Buyer Budgets: 

Once you’re clear on your financial position, you can assert greater control over the sale price of your house. Undoubtedly, no matter what size or condition your property is in, there is a perfect buyer out there looking for it. Broaden your opportunities to find them by working with a property service that has a network of property investors and landlords looking for buildings in your area, as well as regular homeowners. This greatly increases any opportunities to sell your house quickly and may mean having a choice of offers that you can use to your advantage. For example, if you advertise your property for £100k, you might be tempted to accept an offer of 98k from a regular homeowner and reject an offer of 95k from a property developer. But, if the homeowner is in a chain, the completion of a sale could be lengthy and result in you walking away with less equity than you think. Property investors generally have funds available and can proceed more quickly so if you need to sell your house fast, make sure they know your house is for sale.


Be proactive about selling your home and find out what other sellers are doing. Any other properties on the market in your neighbourhood are competing with you for a buyer, and by viewing them you can find out what makes your property unique and value it accordingly. If you and your neighbour have similar houses to sell, a willingness to cut your price a little could see you making a sale and save you costly months of sitting with your house on the market. If you own a property in the Merseyside area and need to make a quick house sale, Wirral Property Solutions offer a range of support and services including free advice about your options that could help you.