A few years ago, selling property was easy: people were queuing up to buy even the most derelict of properties and in many cases, almost as soon as a house was put on the open market, it was snapped up. Sadly times have changed and since the start of the recession, property prices have plummeted and it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell homes. However, just because it is difficult to sell houses, this doesn’t mean it is impossible, and the more attractive your property is, the more likely you are to achieve a sale sooner rather than later.


Modernise Your Home

Some people deliberately buy properties with a view to refurbishing them and making them their own, but more often than not, a buyer wants to be able to move into a property and not have to spend a fortune doing it up. So if you want to attract young families and first time buyers, it is a good idea to consider modernising a kitchen or bathroom to make your property more attractive to potential purchasers.

Fresh, Clean and Modern Bathrooms and Kitchens

A modern bathroom suite or new kitchen is a great selling point for any home, so if the current bathroom or kitchen in your home is dated and old, it will probably put off a large number of buyers. Thankfully a new bathroom suite from a reputable retailer does not have to cost a fortune and even replacing the taps and adding a smart new shower can make a world of difference. But if you do have a bit more money to spend, it is worth replacing the entire bathroom suite for a modern white one to enhance the space and create a lighter, brighter room. New kitchens tend to be more expensive, but even replacing countertops and taps can make a massive difference.


Its Appeal

When selling a home, it is very important to try and see your property from the perspective of a potential buyer. You have probably stopped noticing the little things that might put off a buyer, so ask a friend to come over and point out anything that needs some improvement. Sometimes the little things such as giving a gate a new coat of paint or removing the weeds from a pathway is enough to add much-needed kerb appeal to a property.

Tidy Up The Garden

It might sound obvious, but many people spend lots of time sprucing up the interior of their home only to forget about the garden. However, even if you only have a small patch of grass outside the back door, it won’t hurt to add a few tubs of flowers and a bistro table, plus a couple of chairs, to create a pleasant ambience. It is also a good idea to put a couple of hanging baskets outside the front door – even in winter you can buy attractive baskets of seasonal plants and flowers. Just don’t forget to water them during hot weather as potential buyers will not be impressed if they are greeted with a selection of weeds!