If you want to sell your house fast there are four stages you will need to go through to help you get a large number of prospective buyers and therefore ensure a good price. Each step is as important as the last, as even the slightest fault in your preparation can lead to attempted gazundering (when the buyer reduces their offer and threatens to walk). So here are a few tips which could lead to a smooth and speedy sale.


Your house is going to become somebody else’s home, so you need to make it as appealing as possible with a lot of scope for the viewers to imagine themselves living there. You may like to consider who the target audience could be. For example, if I wanted to sell my house, I know that the 4 bedrooms would entice families with two or three children, who may need an office or spare bedroom. A two bedroom flat on the other hand will be more suitable for a professional couple who need an office, or perhaps a couple hoping to introduce a child. The existing set up will need to be adapted to appear more flexible in its usage. To help the viewer see themselves living there it is always advised to neutralise the interior by removing personal items and clutter. Preparation also includes giving the place an extremely good clean, right into every nook and cranny where the viewer will be nosy enough to check. This stage will also require you to give the rooms a fresh lick of paint as stained or faded walls and ceilings are not attractive.


You need as many people as possible to know your house is for sale. This means enlisting an estate agent, usually a sole-agency for the first 4 weeks before trying multiple-agencies, and one which is locally active and successful (look for their SOLD signs, not just FOR SALE). Get a board up outside your house so passers-by can see you are on the market. When it comes to pricing, you will need to gather together all paperwork concerning any work done on the house, as well as checking with your mortgage lender for any redemption penalties, which could determine the price you can afford to sell at.


It is true here that first impressions are everything, so start by clearing up the front entrance, whether you have to cut back shrubberies or repaint the door, these are small details that make a big difference. The more interest your house excites, the higher the price you will be offered. When you get a viewing, leave this to the estate agent and get out of the way. They will know the top selling points of your property and will not be tempted to go into unnecessary detail.


This stage is not just about accepting the highest offer. The buyer must be absolutely ready to seal the deal, having sold their own house and arranged their mortgage. These details are all easily checked by your agent and should be available to you on demand. In order to sell your property fast, and avoid the possibility of unwelcome gazundering, the final sale agreement must go through quickly. Keep in touch with the solicitor and estate agent to keep a check on the buyer’s current feeling towards the sale in case they are still looking elsewhere while giving you the nod. The final price will inevitable depend upon the market, how quickly you want to sell and the competition. However, if you prepare thoroughly, get the right estate agent to work for you thus creating a large interest, you can sell your house quickly and at a decent price.