Real estate investing can be complex and full of the unexpected, even for the seasoned investor. It is the rare investor who succeeds solo—and it is almost always the successful investor who profits big by working closely with a pro real estate mentor. A real estate mentor is a proven investment expert who agrees to coach you through your buying and selling transactions until you have mastered the process. An accomplished mentor will save you from all the common and fatal mistakes while fast tracking you to profit with reliable methods and less risk. A top mentor will connect you with the most effective people in the industry, from realtors and bankers to attorneys and plumbers.

Novice real estate investors will invariably waste precious hours figuring the hard way how to do deals in a competitive market—leading too often to frustration, burnout and failure. Smart investors will seek out someone who is seasoned and well connected to help leverage their careers. They choose someone aligned with their preferred strategies and core values. You can find a mentor who will work with you professionally for free or someone through a paid service. The bottom line is to find someone who is the right match for you. Your business is going to be as good as the quality of your relationships.

Choosing Your Real Estate Mentor

Take the time and care to find the best real estate mentor for you. The two of you will be working intimately together, so it matters that your ideas and personalities click. Choose someone you trust and who motivates you. Great investors are busy people, so do your homework to make working together mutually beneficial.

Beware of so-called mentors and gurus who are more interested in adding you to their long list of paid protégés than in forming a relationship with you. At the same time, don’t think the gracious investor who has bought and sold only a few houses has all the answers. Work only with an ace investor with a proven track record—and your success will increase exponentially.

With worldwide Internet connectivity, you could associate with a mentor from almost anywhere. Consider the value of working with a local real estate mentor who is at home with your area, the state laws and nearby professionals. Attend Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) meetings to circulate and meet people. The more you immerse yourself in the market, the more you will refine your ideas about qualities you want in a mentor. Top-notch investors look forward to working with people who are dedicated and committed to following through with them.

The Big Benefits of a Real Estate Mentor

A mentor will take you from novice to working smoothly and comfortably with inside professionals. In the process, you will build your own real estate team, from realtors to contractors.

Most of all, your mentor will make you a master at finding viable deals and structuring offers. You will learn the ins and outs of financing, which can otherwise be full of pitfalls. You will have valuable feedback for the finest details. In a short time you can learn what would otherwise take years to learn from trial and error—resulting in faster deals and more profit.

Commit and Profit

When you commit to working with a mentor, you are also committing to that person’s particular systems and way of doing deals—whether it’s no money down, cash only or anything in between. Focus on following the steps of your teacher’s proven method and profit will inevitably follow. Take the time to do your part by researching deals and doing your homework and your real estate mentor will take you to the top of the game.


• Few real estate investors succeed alone—investors who work closely with a real estate mentor are more likely to profit big.

• A real estate mentor is a proven investment expert who agrees to coach you through your buying and selling transactions until you have mastered the process.

• A mentor will speed up the process of your real estate investing—while reducing the risks.

• Your success is only as good as the people you work with–choose a mentor you trust, with whom you share the same values.

• Beware of so-called mentors and gurus who want your money more than they want to help you.

• Depending on your needs—you can choose a remote online mentor or find a local mentor who knows the area and its professionals, as well as state laws.

• Among the many things a mentor can teach is how to know a good deal and how to structure offers.

• Focus on the methods of your mentor and the money will follow.